SEEGRASS - A Sculptural Installation by Ross Power
seagrass propeller scars
Power boat propeller scars indicate a shameless disregard for seagrass. This is a result of an acute lack of understanding of the vital ecosystem living just below the water’s shallow surface. Through ART, this precious resource will be given its much- needed attention. Our newly acquired audience will now be educated with the scientific facts that will be woven into this exciting eco-art story. Both aerial and underwater photography will aid this visually exciting story that will be told through releases for media news coverage, a table top book, film documentary, PSA, educational brochure as well as gallery and museum exhibits. Environmental Artist Ross Power will partner with The Art for Science Ocean Fund and The Ocean Foundation as well as Seagrass Recovery, using natural dyes with sediment filled biodegradable tubes to create a dynamic art installation that actually heals the seagrass meadow.
Art unites with science for ocean conservation.
installing the tubes  SEEGRASS SCARS SEEGRASS SCARS - aireal photo SEEGRASS SCARS ART - aireal photo